Wu Jia Pi Eleutherococcus Bark

Wu Jia Pi Eleutherococcus Bark

So what is this? It is an herb used in Chinese Medicine. It is used in cold damp conditions to where you may be having trouble with circulation. If you are having stiff joints or swelling in your legs you might find this helpful. Also for muscle, joints and bones to ease pain or stiffness. If you have Rheumatism or Arthritis, this might be an herb to try to relieve some of the stiffness or pain.
I use this herb specifically to reduce water retention. I suffer from Lymphodema and have found it very helpful in reducing water retention that results from the lymphodemo.

wu-jia-piEleutherococcus bark, also known as Acanthopanax bark or Wu Jia Pi in Pinyin, is traditionally used as a Chinese herb to tonify liver and kidney, and strengthen muscles and bones. This herb is especially ideal for the rheumatism patient who is with liver and kidney deficiency, according to the theory of Chinese medicine. The most common use of it is preserving it alone in alcohol or combining it with other herbs in decoction. It also is referenced in modern research which shows that it can also fight tumors, relieve fatigue, and prevents atherosclerosis.

What is Eleutherococcus?
Also known as Siberian ginseng it is usually considered a relative of Panax ginseng, one of the best-known restorative and adaptogenic tonic used in Traditional Chinese medicine.

The herb is usually dug out in summer and autumn. After it is peeled, it still needs to be dried in the sun and cut into thick slices before the use.

Medicinally it is easy to use, in the forms of decoction, pills, or wine. Medicinal Eleutherococcus liquor, the bark based soaked wine, is a very popular tonic among the people. Medicinal liquor occupies an important position in Chinese culture. Eleutherococcus wine is ideal for cold winter. Actually in some places it is considered an essential regimen for the purpose of dispelling cold-damp while warming and tonifying liver-kidney.

Modern pharmacological actions include: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative.

You can purchase Wu Ji Pi by clicking the image below. I would recommend getting the advice of someone schooled in the use of Chinese medicinals before you emback on the use of this herb. I discovered it at a Chinese Clinic that provided acupuncture and used it on the recommendation of a professional. Never embark on using herbs without some expert advice…even those herbs that seem pretty passive.
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