Where was that?

lemonDo you ever walk into a room and then forget why you are there? You know you had something in mind when you started your adventure into the next room, but low and behold when you arrived your memory was gone. This is a recipe that will help with memory. Lately I am using it quite often. Actually I really love my diffuser and try many different recipes. The aromas always make the house smell fresh and clean. This one is especially great if you like the freshness of lemon. It is a very easy recipe in that you only need two essential oils, lemon and rosemary. Fill your diffuser with the amount of water required and add 3 drops of rosemary and 2 drops of lemon. Turn it on and enjoy the result.

Whether or not it improves memory, it certainly improves my state of mind. Be sure to comment if you have used this combination or if you have other suggested recipes for your diffuser.