Where can I find “Reputable” Suppliers and information

I have been traveling so not making any recipes, but I did have a question this week about essential oils and where to find information about using them or finding suppliers that were reputable. Of course the first responses to this person’s question on facebook were Young Living and DoTerra. Many people are promoting those two and they seem to be reputable but you have to become involved in a MLM or purchase retail. They are often priced higher than some of the other suppliers. If you do want to become involved in an MLM, please become a member of my Young Living Team by signing up at youngliving.com using the number 1903324.

If you aren’t interested in an MLM, then I have included many other suppliers that you may use. The reason I became involved in Young Living was the educational opportunities that they provide along with the confidence that I am getting high quality oils “seed to seal”.

So this list is a compilation of some of the suppliers that meet NAHA and AIA guidelines, batch tests, and those that would supply additional educational information about their oils. I will post a few in each post and add some of the reasons I like each site. If you know a supplier that I should add to the list, please send me a note or comment on this site.

“Below is a list of suppliers of essential oils that are known for their ethics in the quality and type of essential oils they supply, have done the research and studies on the oils including chemistry, safe use and possible adverse reactions. They also have their oils independently tested. You can almost always find what you are looking for on Amazon, but each of the sites provides a different tidbit of information that may be valuable to your pursuit of essential oils

– Anatolian Treasures™: http://www.av-at.com/ Really nice site and very easy to use. Good educational information is provided

– Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy: http://www.naturesgift.com I especially like this site for the list of books that is provided. If you really want to learn more about essential oils, check out the information on this site. Almost all sites can provide you with additional information for use of essential oils and herbs. If you don’t find something new on a site, I would be surprised. Keep your notebook handy to compile all those tidbits of information.

– The Essential Oil Company http://www.essentialoil.com/ The site has beautiful copper distillers along with a nice selection of essential oils.

– Gritman Essential Oils http://www.gritman.com/ Located in the greater Houston, Texas area, Gritman has been the leading source for pure essential oils, macerations, aromatherapy, essential oil blends, spa & body care products, classes and seminars since 1995. We support alternative approaches to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Gritman offers some great opportunities for certifications if you are interested in becoming certified.