Vetiver Essential Oil

This week was a busy one with family here. We had a great time visiting and playing but this morning they left for a trip to the coast for scalloping. Time alone always provides me the opportunity to watch you tube videos, or read all those free white and red papers that are available for free. It is amazing how much information is available and sometimes to the point of overwhelming one. While looking around I found an essential oil that I had not tried before so I went to Amazon and looked it up and purchased some Vetiver essential oil. I find the smell reminds me of ploughed fields in North Dakota and Minnesota where I grew up.

From everything I have read, it is used in perfumes to help bring all the scents together so it would probably be a good addition to your diffuser. The aroma is more of a manly smell being quite strong and almost smoky. Because the scent if so strong, you must use caution in using it as it can overpower other aromas.

It seems to help with relaxation as I have combined it with other oils in the diffuser when I am meditating. That is where I have used it so far but I have found additional recipes to try for hair care and skin care. When I mix the oils for my after bath massage I use almond oil and 7-8 drops of essential oil of various kinds. I mix the essential oils together first and then add them to the almond oil. Many of my friends like jojoba oil as it is not quite as oily, more of a wax. I prefer almond oil.

For those of you who like Young Living or DoTerra oils, Amazon has both of them if you don’t want to join them as a distributor. I like both and the options.

Some of the combinations I have tried with Vetiver include Lavender, Lemon and Jasmine because I had them in the kitchen cabinet. I am sure there are many other stand-bys I will try like peppermint, rosemary, and one of my favorite’s calendula. I would love to hear any of your combinations and for what you might be using them.