So Quiet

Copper, the dog, went home today along with my oldest son, his wife and my grandchildren. House becomes like a tomb so it is time to catch up on posts and purchases!! I have been spending a lot of time posting items on Mercari. If you like jewelry, go look at all my posts. Mercari is a new app for your phone which is absolutely fun. You can use your phone to take the picture and describe it. Put a price, determine postage and you are ready to post. If you decide to download the app, please use my code as I receive 2$ for everyone who I refer Code is FFJEQC.

I have sold two items so far, neither of which were jewelry. Mercari is not just an ordinary resale app. You can safely buy and easily sell ANYTHING from electronics, sporting goods, clothing to home decor within seconds from your smartphone.
Cash in on something old, and look for something new.

I have had an interesting week going through all the old costume jewelry that was my mother’s and then lots of my jewelry from “Charmin’ Charlies”.
It is amazing what accumulates through the years. I will have to expand my search this week to see what other items I can post and divest. Life is good.