Skin Cream

This is my homemade skin cream that I use on a regular basis for dry skin. Friends have also used it and suggested it works well for ecsema but I have no personal. I get dry skin especially when I travel north. I also found it to be very dry when I traveled to Mexico and spent a great deal of time in the sun and on the beach. This cream was very effective in treating the dry skin. I have shared this recipe with many of my friends and they seem to find it effective as well. This is the recipe for the skin cream.

¼ c. beeswax pestiles
10 Tablespoons coconut oil
1 Tablespoon shae butter
About 10 drops of Vitamin E oil
5 drops of Mink Oil
5 drops Myrrh
10 Geranium
10 drops of Frankincense
10 drops of Elemi (This is a blend that is used for the skin)
14 drops of Rose essential oil
8 drops of Carrot Seed essential oil
8 drops of Lavender essential oil
8 drops of Patchouli essential oil.
Drag out the cauldron and melt the beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter in the top of the double boiler. Once melted, let it cool a bit and then add the Vitamin E and Mink oils, cool a bit more and add the remaining essential oils. Pour this into containers. I use small glass jars as they make nice gifts and you can decorate the tops. You may want to put some in smaller containers to carry in your back pack or purse.
These are some of the ingredients I use. I like the large bottle with the dropper as it makes adding oils much easier. I also like the little pipettes which are inexpensive and easy to use and clean.
Check out the shop for some of the other oils and products that I use in making my recipes. Have fun and leave a comment if you try this one. I would really like to know how it works for you.