Safety with Essential Oils and Herbs

It is important as you get more and more into the use of essential oils and herbs that you always remain vigilant and use them safely. I have added a few books to the shop that discuss the safe use of essential oils and I am sure there are many, many more available at your library or online. I would suggest reading as much as you have time for regarding the safe use of any products you use. I quit using many of my cosmetics because I started reading the labels and then did research on the ingredients.

While we think of herbs and oils as natural, it is still possible to have allergic reactions. I always skin test the oils on myself first and I dilute the oils with almond oil. I know I am not allergic to almond oil as I have been using it on my face at night for years. You may want to find which works best for you. Many of my friends use coconut oil.

My grandson and granddaughter are here this week so we will make some fun products and I will post the recipes. I am sure we will make bath fizzies for sure as my granddaughter has been so anxious to make them since she found a video on uTube.

I hope it is a wonderful day wherever you are. It is beautiful in Florida this morning and though it supposed to rain later, I am looking forward to some time on the patio with a book.