Pain, Pain, Pain

I woke up this morning with excruciating back pain. Getting out of bed was a major undertaking and I was not looking forward to the day. After getting to the point where I could sit up, I reached for a chair that was close to the bed and used it like a walker to get to kitchen to make coffee…yes, there are priorities and that is one of them. After waking up and deciding what I might do, I looked up one of my pain recipes and decided today would be a good day to get out the cauldron and make some pain salve.

No, that is not all I use for back pain. With spinal stenosis Advil, tens unit, and other non additive pain medications are part of my ritual. I do try as much as possible to work with natural products and to find recipes for things I can make so I know the ingredients that go into something.

So this was my project for today: Pain Cream
This recipe will make about four cups and I think I have already used one of them. It doesn’t take long to make it, probably 5 to 10 minutes. The biggest challenge for me is always finding all the ingredients. Some are in the kitchen cabinet and others in medicine or bathroom cabinets throughout the house.
The Coconut oil is in both places so that is usually where I start. You will need 4 cups of coconut oil. Put that in your mixing bowl and whip it until it is fluffy, then start adding your essential oils. I make this a little different each time I make it because I have different oils that I use for pain, inflammation, sprains, strains, and various aches and pains. Today I used a blend that totaled about 10 drops of essential oil.

The blend I used today included wintergreen, clove and peppermint essential oils. About three drops of each and maybe an extra drop of peppermint. I love Peppermint essential oil and just smelling it makes me feel better.

The other oils I added were 5 drops of Copiaba, 5 drops of Lemongrass, 5 drops of Lavender, and 5 drops of Balsam. I added all of these oils and the blend to my fluffy coconut oil and mixed it well. I have used this throughout the day and the pain seems to have improved. Like all the recipes I share, please be sure to do a skin test to ensure you can tolerate this cream. Also, like any pain cream, to not get it in your eyes. Wash you hands thoroughly after applying.

Let me know if you try this recipe and if it works for you. Hopefully by the time I finish a couple cups of pain cream and coffee, I will be good to go!!

This oil is not one that is real familiar so if you don’t have it in your stash of oils, click on the picture and order it here. I also have several of the oils in the shop that you might find of interest.