One of those Days!

Today was one of those days when I looked at several bottles of essential oils in the cupboard and then walked into the bathroom to see several more. No ideas were coming to mind for something fun to make until I spied an old skein of wool yarn. I had seen this activity somewhere but today was the day to use up that old wool yarn and use some essential oil in the process.

So I grabbed the yarn and started wrapping it into a tight ball. When it got to a circumference of about 1 and a half inches I tucked in the end and dropped it into a pot of boiling water. I let it boil for awhile for about as long as I could endure the woolly smell. I then put it into one of my old socks, tied it in tight and put it into the dryer. I ran it through two cycles on the dryer and then removed it. In the meantime, I threw a load of towels into the washer so really felt quite accomplished at that point.

Once the dryer ran through the second cycle, on hot by the way, I removed the ball and started wrapping more yarn until it was about the size of a tennis ball. Once again I tied it off, dropped it into the boiling water. It reminded me a bit of Matzo Ball soup but certainly didn’t taste or smell the same. Boiled it again for about 15 minutes and tucked it back into the toe of the sock and headed for the dryer.

It is now dryerball and I put a few drops of Lavender and a few drops of Calendula essential oil on it and have thrown it into the dryer with the towels. I thought that would be a good test to determine how well it worked. Think of all those essential oils you haven’t used for awhile and use them instead of dryer sheets.