Palm Sunday and Diffusers

It is a peaceful Palm Sunday with the sun shining but not too hot. I am diffusing Lavender and Jasmine as they are very peaceful and relaxing oils. One of my friends suggested that I discuss where to get diffusers since I talk about them frequently but never talk about where I might suggest they get them. I bought my first diffuser with my Young Living kit. I purchased the 150$ kit but you can also get one in the 75$ kit. I wanted a large selection of oils so the 150$ kit made sense for me. If you want to just purchase wholesale you can join for as low as 40$ but you won’t receive a diffuser. The least expensive where you will receive a very nice quality diffuser is 75$. With that one you get not only the diffuser but some oils as well for the price of the diffuser along online.

You can also purchase them on and I have purchased several from there as well. My grandchildren really like the one that has lights and use it as a nightlight. I add the Lavender to help them sleep or thieves when they aren’t feeling well.

Let me know if you have any questions about the diffusers, kits, or oils. If you decide to sign up as a retail or wholesale member at, please use my number as a referral. My number is 1903324. If you are serious about essential oils I am happy to answer any questions. I buy from many sources, not just young living but I like the quality of the young living oils. If you want to sign up, please follow this link and just insert the 1903324 in the referral boxes. Thanks
This is the site for the amazon diffuser. I have also included it in the sidebar for your reference.

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday and stay well.