Korean Bar-B-Que and Friends

I had the pleasure of going to lunch with two of my consulting friends this week.  Cathy is my “Korean Bar-b-Que” friend.  We worked together in Chicago and she introduced me to the wonderful world of Korean food.  You have all kinds of wonderful small dishes of vegetable, bean, radishes and many other items which are so tasty.  You also get a large bowl of rice and I brought home the leftovers.  My granddaughter has been eating the rice with peaches and whipped cream for breakfast.  It is so good and I have convinced everyone it is healthy.

Fixing the rice for her reminded me of a project I have been meaning to complete.  I started it awhile ago and had measured out the rice.  The project takes about 3/4 cup of uncooked rice, essential oil (I use Lavender or Chamomile), an old scrap of material(cotton or muslin) in about an 8 inch square and then a 9 inch square piece of pretty fabric (something soft).  So what am I going to do with all of this?  I am going to make a sleep pillow.

Mix the rice and essential oils(about 30 drops).  It works well if you spread the rice out on a cookie sheet and allow it to dry overnight.  Fold the 8 inch piece of fabric in half and sew up two sides, leaving one of the short sides open so you can fill it with rice.  When it is filled, sew up the final end.  Take the decorative fabric, fold it in half and do the same, sew up two sides leaving a small end open.  Slide the 8 inch pillow into the decorative one and sew up the end.

You may want to add ribbons or flowers to your pillow.  At bedtime tuck your sleep pillow under your bed pillow or inside the pillow case and breathe in the wonderful aroma.

I use Lavender as it is one of the soothing herbs that helps me sleep.  Along with the sleep pillow, you may want to add a few drops to your laundry when you wash the sheets and pillow cases.  It really enhances the aroma when it is in the bed linens.

I also used Chamomile for much the same reason.  It has a very calming effect.  Along with the sleep pillow and linens, consider a cup of Chamomile tea just before bed to help soothe the nerves.

As always be sure you have tested the diluted essential oils on your skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction to either of the oils.  Just the thought of these aromas are making me tired to I better get busy with that sleep pillow before I fall asleep.  Don’t forget that diffuser.  I absolutely love the one I have in my bathroom.  I have recommended it several times on this site so if you have tried it, comment on whether or not you like it as much as I do.