It’s a Ginger kind of day!

I woke up with some serious nausea this morning. I have been fighting a flu bug all week so diffusing Thieves and Eucalyptus during the day and Lavender to help me sleep at night. This morning I decided to try Ginger Tea and Ginger Essential Oil. Ginger has a warm kind of woodsy aroma. I use small slices of it in the side of my cheek when I am fighting a sore throat. It usually helps with colds, flu, nausea rheumatism and helps with circulation. I mix the essential oil with almond oil which is my favorite carrier oil and massage it onto the abdomen area to help with the nausea.

For the tea I use fresh ginger chopped into small pieces and a slice of lemon in hot water. This is one of the easy recipes but it does alleviate the nausea for me. ginger