Indy and Coconut Oil

I am still in Indianapolis with my youngest son and he is out riding his mountain bike down near Nashville this morning so I have had some time to think about some good uses of coconut oil for him and his family.
Of course anything that is great for a bicycle is of great interest so take a bit of coconut oil and put it on your bike chain and it will really run smooth. Use a thin layer or even the spray coconut oil you get for your baking or cooking. You don’t want it too thick so it gets gummy and with changes in weather in Indiana, that could happen if it gets too cold. A little goes a long way.Nature's Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 16 oz.

Second suggestion is to used Coconut oil as a moisturizer as it will help smooth and soften skin. This is especially good for cracked heels. Use one the new tools for removing skin build up and then massage the coconut oil into the skin. Let it dry. Do this at least two times a day to relieve the pain of cracked heels.

Last thought for the day is the dogs. They have two dogs and they are both really fun to be around. Sadie is larger and Reese is a Chihuahua. They are outside a lot and love to run around the back yard so often get dirt in their ears. Use coconut oil on a cotton swab to clean their ears. Always wipe out the surface dirt before rubbing in some coconut oil. This will help keep their ears free from itching and make them much more comfortable. USe Use long Q tips as they work much better for dog’s ears.Q-TIPS Cotton-Tipped Applicators, Non-Sterile, Size: 6 inches - 1000 ea / Box