Indianapolis Salad

I am in Indianapolis this week spending time with my youngest son and his family. It was pouring rain when we landed so my luggage and the contents were wet when I arrived a their home. I had to put the clothes in the dryer as I unpacked. So given the travel challenges, I haven’t unpacked my cauldron or witches hat.
My daughter in law made an awesome salad for us for lunch so I will include a picture of that and hope you all give it a try. She made it with spinach, small tomatoes,carrots and I am not sure what other vegetables with added salad dressing. She made enough for her whole week of school lunches. We had some for dinner tonight and it was incredible.

If you love salads, this is a great way to prepare them in advance.Brennasalad
She used quart jars and it makes enough for a family of four. I am sure you could also use pint or gallon jars depending on the numbers attending an event.

I included the jars and some labels in the shop. When I was adding the products, I thought what a nice gift this would be for someone who was facing a challenge and needed some help. I think so many people who are old and alone often do not eat very well and this would be a wonderful gift for them just to say thank you and we care about you. Think about it the next time you gather spinach or lettuce from the garden, put together a jar of salad for a friend.