Ideas to start your day!!

I got out of bed this morning to the noise of Copper, the dog, wanting out the patio door. When my oldest son and family are staying with me, Copper stays too. He is an easy keeper, just let him out, feed and water, and pet occasionally and he is happy. My neighbors have a black dog of some kind that they let into their pool area which causes a great commotion if Copper sees him. Copper is not an aggressive dog but loves to play with other dogs so he wants into the pool area. The other dog seems quite aggressive so we don’t let Copper out when the neighbor dog is visible. So much for living in a community where houses are right on top of one another. I do understand now why people put up large, high fences.
Before getting out of bed to let Copper run, I always stop for a moment to give thanks for another day with my feet above ground. This is one of the things I do in the morning in my challenge to get started and accomplish something. If you want to have a successful day there are a few things I recommend that you do when you wake up, get up and get going.

First, as I said before be grateful for the day, look down to validate your feet are above ground and give thanks for just being alive and having another new day to look forward to. This really helps me focus on all the good things I have in life, air to breathe, food to eat, a roof over my head and a loving, caring family. That really helps me start the day on a good note.

Once I am up I decide what goals I have for this day. If you write down a short list of what you want to accomplish during the day, there is a much better chance you will end the day on a positive note. What will I do to bring me happiness and to give happiness to others? What will be my recipe of the day or project of the day for Witchy Woman Oils and Herbs? What book will I ready? What course will I listen to on or what one will I develop for Udemy? I have to use this initial energy in the morning to focus and direct my day.
Believe it or not, that is the point to take a moment to meditate on the day, just breath long, deep breaths and focus on something to clear your mind. This provides a great sense of peace and calm. This is when I go through the house and put essential oil in all the diffusers. For mornings, I usually use Eucalyptus or Peppermint with Lemon. These oils seem to vitalize and get me prepared mentally for my day. These are refreshing oils that I put in the bedrooms and baths. In the kitchen it depends on the project. Today I plan to do some baking so I will use cinnamon essential oil as it really helps the baking mood.
Once the air is full of wonderful aromas, I take a moment out to just smile. Not because it is perfect but because it is as close as you can get to perfect. I live and love constant change. I want to experiment with new oils, understand how to better prepare and use herbs and to share that joy with others.

To share with others, I prepare information to share with each of you and hope you enjoy the recipes and blogs. If you do, please purchase from my site or download the free recipes to let me know you enjoy the site. I try to find oils and ingredients that I use and hope you find them successful and wonderful as well.

So if you review all the bold words, you will have my suggestions on how to start a day and to make it is successful.

For now, have a great day and don’t forget to subscribe to my website, my facebook page and connect with me on Twitter. Add oils and herbs to your daily routine and have a great week. Remember if you want to be part of a team, join my YoungLiving team using 1903324 to sign up for membership at

These are some of my morning essential oils.


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