Ice Skating

Ice Skating? In Florida? You got it. Not only ice skating but figure skating competition for my granddaughter. Driving to Cocoa today to stay with my oldest son’s family and then to Coral Gables tomorrow to watch my granddaughter skate. This is always fun and exciting. They don’t throw flowers on the rink anymore but small stuffed animals to I had to find some to take with me to ensure we had some to throw.

It is interesting that my granddaughter is a skater as my grandmother, who she never met, was a figure skater with the Chicago Ice Follies.Skating with Gram This is a picture of my Gram and I skating at the ice rink in Wahpeton, ND. I have some pictures of her in her costumes somewhere so will have to start the search through all the old photos to find it. She was my Grandfathers second wife. He had two wives and both were named Marie Lotzer. They were cousins and my second grandma was the skater. She also had lived in Alaska and Chicago prior to my grandpa marrying her.

But I digress. Today is going to be an exciting day and I am looking forward to seeing my granddaughter skate. She is an excellent skater and she loves to skate. It takes a great deal of practice and she still enjoys it. I like the fact that my son and his wife support her activities but do not live through her in that when she stops enjoying it, she will no longer skate. My grandson is also very supportive of his sister and travels along to watch and never complains when he has to spend hours in the rink. He finds some activity to take along and is just happy being with his mom and sister.

My other activity for today is Mercari. This is a great app if you want to clean out all those items you no longer use. I am cleaning out all my mom’s old costume jewelry and have posted nearly 100 items in just a few days. You can post from your i-phone in just a matter of minutes and they will provide labels for you to send the items. This is what the app looks like if you go out to find it.Mercari It doesn’t work on my laptop but only on my phone and Ipad. I think it also works on Android devices. Anyway, go out and look at all the wonderful jewelry I have uploaded, my store is my name Barbara Sanborn. You will probably find something you just cannot do without at a great price!!