Herbs Let’s try Boneset!!

I have had several infections as a result of very strong chemotherapy and a fall that injured a leg resulting in a significant infection.  I have been working hard to recover and regain strength after a long seige.  I do take antibiotics prescribed by my physician but I also take herbs and supplements to help in the recovery process.  So why Boneset? It has many mediicnal properties such as analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral qualities to enhance my wellness.  It also has anti inflammatory properties and is an immune stimulatn, laxative and stimulant.  Anyone who has been through chemotherapy understands the need to work hard to recover the immune system.

Boneset is a traditional natural remedy used by the American  Indian.  Most of what initiated my interest and knowledge of herbs was a result of growing up in a community with American Indians and their families.  They used herbs for many illnesses, injuries or just plain discomfort. Most of some I remember  include colds, influenza, rheumatism, dengue (also known as break bone fever, hence the name boneset), malaria and typhoid fever.  Some I was intimately aware of and others were just discussions of who had used them, when, how and the results.  We were fortunate to grow up in a diverse community and knowledge of the American Indian culture.

There has been some scientific research which has shown that boneset can be used to treat the  common cold  and flu and perhaps even bolster the immune system.  It is a diuretic and can be used as a laxative and it aids in urine flow.  I am wondering if it might be helpful for the lymphodema I have as a result of the Chemo. This is something I will discuss with my physician before using it for that purpose.  

Other traditional uses of boneset include migraine relief, treating various ailments related to bowels, liver, stomach, and uterus as well as treatment of jaundice.  I have a cousin whose wife has Fibromyalgia and I am going to suggest she might want to try this as it has been used with some positive results by others.

I would be interested in trying to grow this and would love to hear from you if you have grown boneset in your garden or on your farm. 

Remedy and Recipe:

  • 1 ounce of dried boneset leaf
  • 1 quart of boiling water a quart mason jar
  • Put the dried boneset in the quart jar and pour enough boiling water over it to fill the jar.
  • Let this infusion steep for four hours. Strain and drink.
  • This will taste very bitter and it is difficult to get it down but the result will make it worth it.
  • Do not take this internally if you have liver problems, are pregnant or have other related health issues.
  • It is always important to discuss the use of herbs with you family physician as herbs can have both a positive and negative effect on other pharmaceuticals.
  • Many times your pharmacist may even be more helpful on the effect of certain herbs.

If you are looking to buy herbs in bulk the first in this list offers that opportunity. The other items are very inexpensive and would give you the opportunity to “try it out” before making a big investment,

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Bulk Herbs: Boneset (Organic)

This is a book that has a wealth of information if you want to pursue more information about herbs. I plan to continue to add some posts as I learn more about herbal remedies. I use essential oils to enhance my life and plan to learn more about herbs to add to the witchy woman bag of tricks I hope you enjoy the posts and subscribe to my site. Let me know the results of any of the recipes you use.

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