Herbs in the Garden Today

Today is a gorgeous sunny day in Florida. I live in a subdivision where the only space for a garden in on the patio in plant pots. I am thinking of learning hydroponics as my daughter in laws father is quite adept at building hydroponic structures. They have almost all the greens they eat grown in their triangular hydroponic system. I plan to start small and am still planting my seeds in plant pots on the patio. I would love to get to the point where I could grow all my own herbs. I combine herbs and essential oils to make my healing salves and lotions.

I had some old Ginger Root in the kitchen that was growing roots so I have planted that in the back flower bed. I planted some last year and they grew beautifully until the freezing weather in Orlando did them in. As I said, living in a subdivision with an association certainly limits the ability to have a great garden. Any of you that read this that have any suggestions, please add them in your comments.

My daughter in law and granddaughter picked strawberries this week so I have included a link to their video. Florida is a wonderful state for growing berries and there are always opportunities to pick them during their seasons. Last year I picked blueberries and we still have some in the freezer. Time for blueberry pancakes!! Gluten free, of course!!
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