Herbs and My Garden

I was out shopping and found a little garden where I could grow some herb indoors, without dirt!! Just started the process so we will see how it goes. miraclegrowgarden The one I purchased is white but the same product. I will try to include the same one in the shop for your purchase if you want to try growing herbs without having an outdoor garden. This one is especially easy to put together and start. My herbs are already sprouting.

Today I am thinking I could use something to help me focus on all that I have to do today. Have you ever forgotten something, like where you left your keys or why you walked into a room and now have forgotten why? As we get older we tend to get more and more forgetful. Herbal medicine may provide improvement or at least hope to ward off memory decline. Herbs have multiple and synergistic action that target the different biological pathways that affect brain function. They help improve improve circulation to the brain, enhance mitochondrial functions, calm inflammation, prevent oxidative damage and support hormone levels. Some of the herbs that enhance brain function are:
Ashwaganda, Bacopa, Ginko Biloba and Rosemary. Also tea shows promise for brain health. If you are a tea drinker, that should make you very happy to know you are enhancing the brain while enjoying that wonderful cup of tea in the morning.

Green tea and Rosemary both have antioxidant properties with the possibility of slowing the again process. I’ll provide more information about each of the herbs and include them in the shop if you are interested in trying them. For now I am just going to go and have a cup of tea to start my day out right.