Fight that Depression

peppermintcandyDepression often accompanies the holiday season. Many of us are missing old friends and loved ones or thinking of Christmas past. Peppermint is an oil I use frequently during this season. It is fresh and energizing and helps to combat depression and fatigue, both mental and physical. You will feel more vigorous and have additional vitality to get through the days. Peppermint has long been known to help digesion and also is thoughht to prmote repiratory functions.

During the Christmas season it is an aroma reminiscent of families together, candy canes and peppermint almond bark. Diffuse it in the kitchen for holiday aromas and rub some on the temples, forehead or over the sinuses to help ease the tension that accompanies depression. Inhale and diffuse to boost your mood and get motivated to take care of all those holiday tasks that are waiting.

Finally, make a cup of tea and flavor it with a few drips of peppermint and also sweeten with local honey. Sit down and relax, make your list and check it twice and be grateful for all you have accomplished in your life.