Essential Oils to the Rescue

If you are older or have spent a lot of time outdoors you may have broken blood vessels in your cheeks. Oils that will help include oils such as Neroli or Rose with a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba. We have aleady discussed Carrot and Gotu Kola which are helpful for skin problems. Add to that Helichrysum and you should see some improvement in your skin. If you have sensitive skin there are several herbs and oils that will help. Chamomile and Lavender are two of my favorites and both are herbs and oil. If you are using herbs add them to the carrier oil and either put them in the top of a double boiler(cauldron) and simmer for a few hours until the herbs have steeped into the oil. If using essential oils, add a few drops to your carrier oil and apply to the skin. Be sure to test the combination to ensure they are safe for your skin type.

Some of you may have sensitive skin and that is why I always recommend a small test area before using any oil. Some of the oils that seem to work better for people with sensitive skin are oils and herbs like Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, Neroli as mentioned for older skin. Add to that Jasmine, Plantain, and Elder Flowers. I love Jasmine and we grow it around every house we live in or visit in Florida. It is easy to grow and when it blooms, the entire neighborhood smells wonderful. Many people plant it around their mail boxes or in their front yard so walking around the neighborhood is a joy.

So we’ve discussed some of the oils and herbs for sensitive or older sun damaged skin. What about oily skin or problem skin with acne. The essential oils and herbs that I use when working with someone with that skin type or having that problem include the citrus oils, Burdock, Dandelion, Tea Tree (Which I also use in Shampoo for dandruff), Cypress, Rosemary (also use Rosemary to stimulate hair growth), Juniper and Yarrow. Again try mixing some of the oils together with your carrier oil. You might want to use Tamanu oil for a carrier for these skin types. Experiment with different herbs and essential oils and different combinations. Combine some of the steeped herb oil with essential oil. I would really like to hear of your results and what you may be using for your skin type. Please add comments so we can share with the entire Witchy Woman Group.

Some of the oils I have in the cupboard and recommend are here on Amazon. I have found I can purchase any oils from almost any distributor on Amazon and have them almost immediately with Prime memberships. If you don’t have an Amazon prime membership I would recommend it as you save a considerable amount on shipping and access great videos.

I like this Tamanu oil as it comes with the dropper. It is a very good quality carrier oil.
I buy quite a few oils from Eden’s Garden and they seem to have good quality oils. Again, I buy them on Amazon as it is easier to make one large purchase and get all the oils from the same place but from different distributors. I also am happy that I can purchase oils without having to feel I have to place an order every month at a certain time. When I find a recipe I like and I don’t have the oil, I order it from Amazon and get it within a matter of days.
Jasmine is one of the few essential oils that I purchase and do not consider price but rather quality. It is a favorite aroma and I use it a lot in my lotion recipes. I also buy a less expensive one for the diffuser. I have read mixed reviews on the NOW oils, but I have found them to work great in the diffusers.