Epcot Garden Show

MickeyMinYesterday we went to the Epcot Garden show and it was, as usual, spectacular. I always come home wanting to buy more plants and flowers as we always see some new ones. It was a fun day as I was able to spend it with the grandchildren and watch them learn so many interesting things. Many of the plants are ones that are used in our Witchy Recipes. There were many cactus type plants I had not seen before and many that my mother had when we were growing up such as the “Crown of Thorns” cactus that is pretty foreboding. We also had a fish hook cactus in our yard when I was growing up. They didn’t have one at the garden festival. I remember that cactus so well because my cousin Gary fell into the cactus and getting the fish hook spines out of his body was a very unpleasant experience that we all remembered. None of us went close to that side of the house after that event.

So what is up for essential oils and herbs today. I think I will try making our sunblock as it is getting warmer and warmer here.