Dismal Day

It is a dismal day in Orlando but much worse in the North East. They are expecting a couple feet of snow so as I sit here in my living room looking out at the sun, I can’t complain. I am working on another batch of arnica salve today and have it on the stove in the double boiler steeping. Rosemary is in the diffuser life is good.
I am ordering some more essential oils today and have to remind myself they are highly concentrated and aromatic. They come from roots, wood, fruit, leaves, flowers and I try to find the ones that are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade depending on what I am stirring up. I am not always sure the grade means too much but it does make me feel better to think they are higher quality.

I am ordering some for around the house today and thinking of how I want to use them. I use peppermint, spearmint,pine and geranium in the vacuum. You can put a small cotton ball in the vacuum. Mine doesn’t have a bag so I put it in the container that captures all the dust. It really helps with the odors especially on the rugs where Copper the dog likes to sleep. Speaking of cotton balls, I also use thieves on a cotton ball at the bottom of the garbage cans to refresh and maintain cleanliness. I also use thieves cleaner that I get from Young Living. If you want to order something retail from Young Living I am happy to share my number but I don’t have a down line. It is not that I don’t think multi-level works from people, it just never seemed to work very well for me. On to checking other oils to order.

In the kitchen I make sure I have cloves, cinnamon, some of the citrus oils to freshen up the aroma and clear the cooking odors. I also use Peppermint mixed with water to spray the counter tops, fridge and table tops. Lime, grapefruit, bergamot, orange or other citrus added to water to wash out the refrigerator. Be sure to use a final rinse but it makes the fridge smell Oh so fresh.

That is a start for today’s ideas. Makes me tired just thinking of vacuuming, cleaning the fridge, taking out the garbage and finishing the salve. I better get started so I will add a few suggestions to order and be off to the races.
I use both of these but will order the larger one today as I like the eyedropper and need a larger amount for cleaning. I am totally out of this one.
I like doterra oils but have never set up an account with them. I just buy them from Amazon.
I can never place an order without Lavender. This is my granddaughter’s favorite and she uses it every night in the diffuser when she stays with me.