Dinosaur Diffuser

I just opened the box containing the Dinosaur Diffuser from Young Living. It is awesome. I am putting it in the grandkids bedroom. We have needed a diffuser in their room for those times when they are having trouble sleeping (Lavender), stuffy noses and sore throats (Thieves), added energy (any of the citrus). Hunter loves peppermint and lemon and many of the citrus aromas. Kelly is happy with any but thieves seems to work really well for him when his nose is stuffy.

This is such a fun diffuser. It lights up with red, white and green and has lights on the bottom as well. I usually try to find more than one source for items I really like but only found this on youngliving.com. If you want to order one for the kids or grandkids, please go to youngliving.com and order using my number 1903324. If you join and become a member, the cost is less and you can add the oils of your choice to your essential rewards account. If you sign up as a member you will then get your own number which you can give to others.

If you have been considering a diffuser, this one is great for the little ones. If you do buy one, please share your experience with me in the comments.dinodiffuser