Diffuser Time of the Year

This is the time of the year when we all start to feel a bit overwhelmed and often fight those colds and miserable aches and pains of the season.
This is the time when I really rely on my diffusers to help bolster my immune function. Diffuse 3 drops each of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils to support normal breathing and a healthy immune function. It also smells great.

I use a Young Living Blend called Purification that helps during cold and flu season. I am sure other companies also have a similar blend but I like the Purification and also the Thieves oil from Young Living. Use about 6-8 drops of purification in your diffuser to help relieve some of the symptoms of colds and flu.
You also might want to use a combination of Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary to make you feel better and enhance the aroma throughout the house.

Need a pick me up in your environment? Try diffusing 8 drops of Grapefruit, 4 drops of Lavender, 4 drops of Lemon and 2 drops of Basil.
Another great combination includes grapefruit and Lemon essential ois. Bergamot and Rosemary in the diffuser…about four drops of each to help you stay alert and enhance you energy.

Christmas and Thanksgiving is a time for joy but also for stress. Try 3-4 drops of grapefruit, 1 drop of jasmine and 1-2 drops of ylang ylang to help you relax. Another combination is Lavender, Cedarwood, Petitigrain, Palmarosa Ylang Ylang and Vetiver. Use about 1 drop of each in the diffuser. I use a bit more Lavender but the Cedarwood really reflects the season well.

There are many blends that are great for the season and look to many different providers and groups to help you put together some great combinations. Young Living and DoTerra both have blends and combinations that they recommend for their groups. Skim other sites on the internet to find recommendations as well.
If you’re looking for a blend to help ease frayed emotions, you can try diffusing 2 drops each of Orange, Bergamot, Cypress, and Frankincense Essential Oils in your diffuser. Add 6-7 drops to your diffuser and breath in…awesome!!

Brain a little foggy try Frankincense or Peppermint and a citrus based oil.
During moments when our brain needs the fog to clear and we need to see things clearly, try diffusing 6 drops of Young Living’s blend Brain Power or Clarity. Brain Power is meant to promote a sense of clarity and focus when diffused, and Clarity promotes clarity and alertness when diffused. To use, simply add 5-6 drops to your Home Diffuser.

At the end of the day, for me, there is nothing better than Lavender. I keep a large supply and many different labels. Let me know if you have special blends you like. For me, I think I’ll go fill up the diffuser, put some Chamomile Epsom salts in the tub, Lavender in the diffuser and end this day in peace.

Just a reminder, this is my favorite diffuser: