Cypress Essential Oil Recipes

Cypress essential oil is excellent for cold and flu relief. It is anti-toxic, antispasmodic and a natural anti-inflammatory. Cypress trees are some of the oldest on earth so it has been used throughout generations.

Are you having muscle spasms or pain?
* 4 drops of cypress essential oil
* 2 drops Ginger Essential Oil
* 4 drops Marjoram essential oil
* 4 teaspoons carrier oil ( I like almond oil as a carrier oil)

If you are having aches and pains and want some relief:
* 4 drops cypress essential oil
* 4 drops rosemary essential oil
* 2 drops black pepper essential oil
* 4 teaspoons almond oil or carrier oil of your choice

Remove the toxins from your muscles:
* 4 drops cypress essential oil
* 4 drops grapefruit essential oil
* 2 drops juniper berry essential oil
* 4 teaspoons of carrier oil of your choice.