Christmas..Not Already!!

How is it possible that it is Christmas in just a few days. We all have months to prepare but I seem to be the one who waits until just minutes before I need something to act. This year has not been difficult thanks to Amazon and all the wonderful items I have in the Witchy Cabinet. I had to have some last minute gifts today so I quickly stirred up some Chamomile Salt Scrube and some Jasmine/Chamomile Salt Scrub. This takes just minutes and you can use the essential oil aroma that is a favorite of the person you are gifting. My older sister loves Jasmine, hence the second salt scrub I made this morning.

I didn’t have little plastic jars, which I usually use for in the bathroom, so instead used small glass ball jars. Hopefully no one will drop them in the tub. I will go out and search Amazon today for small plastic containers for my next last minute present. So how easy are these to make…and do you need a recipe? They are incredibly simple and once you make them, you will not need a recipe. Take one cup of epsom salts, and one cup of coconut oil. Mix them together and add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Stir well, put the mixture into jars and decorate the jars with ribbons or labels. Be sure to identify the fragrance on the label.

Later today I plan to make some bubble bath for my grand daughter and grand son. I have this old olive oil dispense that I no longer use and they love baths in the big tub. I plan to clean out the old dispenser and then make the bubble bath with castile soap. I will add the recipe in a future blog.

I hope this finds all of you enjoying the family and friends and hopefully you are much better prepared for this season than I am. Please comment and add any last minute recipes that you might use this time of the year.

These are the plastic containers I plan to purchase for my next salt or sugar scrub project.
These are the glass ball jars I used for the salt scrub today. I hesitate to recommend them for scrubs you might use in the bath or shower, but they are great for lotions and potions.