Christmas Family and Food

It is Christmas Day and all is quiet. I have a beautiful Eucalyptus candle burning in the kitchen and the aroma permeates the entire house. My children are celebrating in other places this morning. My youngest is in Indianapolis in the cold and my oldest is a few blocks away at his wifes family Christmas. Usually the grandchildren spend Christmas morning with me, but this year they wanted to spend it with their cousins and their mother wanted to spend it with her family this year. I spent last night with them and we all went to Mass together. It was beastly hot as Mass was held outside. They will be back later today and we are having a nice Christmas Turkey for dinner.

I am working through back pain this morning so am relaxing in my easy chair watching “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. If you haven’t read it, it is a very fun book with some interesting undertones. I am also investigating what are the alternative to painkiller drugs that have no side effects. I am wading through Dr. James Duke’s book “The Green Pharmacy”, which is another really good resource if you don’t have it in your library, buy it as you will find it really worthwhile. He has written a number of books that I will include here and in the shop. The one I use most, however, is the Green Pharmacy.

Herbs he recommends for pain include meadowsweet, ginger, willow bark, close, lavender eucalyptus, red pepper and rosemary. I used up all my Rosemary yesterday so will add that to my Amazon order today. I love Amazon as I don’t have to fight the Christmas crowds and items are delivered right to my door in a very short time. We are getting an Amazon distribution center in Lakeland Florida and I am really looking forward to having one that close. My son in Indianapolis can get orders the same day in Indie…so I am hoping it will be the same for us when the distribution center opens.

This is the essential oil I purchased this time as it is available for Prime Shipping. If you don’t have a Prime membership on Amazon, you are missing out on a tremendous savings. I seldom pay shipping and watch many movies and TV shows at no cost. Take a look at the great advantages by clicking on my Amazon Prime link on this page.