Calamus Root

This is also known by common titles such as myrtle flag, or sweet flag.  The root is used and is considered to be a brain tonic. In Ayurveda it is referred to as vacha which means speech in Sanskrit.  Do you need something to help with speech, this is a tonic you might want to try.

It is often considered a help with improving muscle tissue, helps with arthritis and circulation.  This can be used both internally and externally.  Internally it can be used as a powder with honey and an example of the recipe I use is at the bottom of this blog.  Other areas where it might be helpful is in cases of gingivitis, and one I have found especially useful it the calamus oil which I use as a message oil for my lymphodema.  It can also be used for coughs, and persistent headaches.

Calamus mixes well with other herbs such as ginger, lemon, orange, Cinnamon, yarrow(look a previous post).  So what is a good recipe to try for using this herb?  Mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of powdered root with a teaspoon of honey.  Take internally once a day either in the morning or evening.  This herb may leave a lasting odor so you might want to use it with lavender or any other sweet-smelling herb.  Be sure to try only the recommended dose.
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