Black Cumin Oil

I read on Herb Info that Black Cumin Seed is a remarkable seed which has been in use as a herbal remedy since ancient times. It talked about Hippocrates and Muhammad as being proponent of this oil. I have never used it so hope some of you who are reading this post can add some testimonials on its value.

Some of the information indicates it is very beneficial especially for the liver and immune system. An antibacterial oil but then many of the essential oils are antibacterial. You can purchase just the oil or capsules that you can take internally. I am always hesitate to use oils for internally and question when they are referred to as a panacea.

I did add some of the Black Cumin Seed Oils to the shopping cart and would encourage you to try it on your hair, skin and nails and add it to some of your lotion recipes.

Black Cumin Oil was used in Traditional Chinese Medicine so I will have to ask one of my friends from Taiwan if she has heard of it or if they have used it in her family. It has also been recommended by Ayurveda practitioners so if you know of one, ask them how it is used and for what value. I plan to pursue more information for future blogs. In the meantime, I am buying the oil for my lotions as it is supposed to be very good for the skin. I found many black seed oils but looked for the Black Cumin seed oil as I believe there are many other black seed oils that are not Cumin.

If you are interested in natural remedies and natural products, consider purchasing the oil in the shop and writing a review on this blog. Thanks so much and happy stirring in the cauldron for natural remedies.