Beautiful Florida Day

While those up North are suffering from snow and cold, we are enjoying a beautiful, cool, sunny day in Florida. I am off to the gym this morning but I do plan to find a good Paleo recipe for lunch and dinner. Cooking for one today and it is sometimes difficult to find something suitable and small so I thought Paleo would be a good solution. I did wake up with a bit of a tummy ache so I will seek out the Cardamon oil, the carrier oil and take some time to mix it and apply it to the abdomen area. I have found it will ease the nausea. It even works for those who are pregnant and having nausea. If you don’t want to apply it to the tummy, put a few drops in a nice warm bath and soak in the tub for a nice relaxing morning.

Cardamon is helpful for digestion and can work as a laxative but I use it primarily for nausea. It is a sweet, spicy aroma that is similar to Balsamic vinegar so you may wind up smelling like a really good salad.