Back in Orlando and Weather is great!!

Flew in last night so spending today recovering from flying. I always hate going through Atlanta as connecting flights are always in two different concourses and usually at least the length of the entire concourse. Such was the case last night so a lot of walking, shoving, hip checking and just plain rude travelers. Luckily I made it up the escalator without being pushed over the edge.
Not much in the pantry so will have to take a trip to Pubix. I do have coconut oil in both the kitchen and bath so these are some of the projects for today.
First I plan to moisturize as traveling always drys out my skin. I use coconut oil after travel as it works so much better. It is not only refreshing but also healing and penetrates really well. You have to be careful not to use too much as it can leave your skin a bit oily. It drys pretty fast if you do get too much. It also heals and helps those dry elbows. A hot bath and coconut oil rubbed on like lotion is a great way to start the day after being in airplanes, airports and rental cars.

Since I plan on taking a bath and using coconut oil for my body, I will also use some to condition my hair. Coconut oil smooths my hair back into place and holds it in a style. I have very fine hair and it is very wispy so coconut oil is great for deep conditioning both for the hair and scalp. Today I will use it all over my scalp and hair but often I just use it on the ends to keep them from breaking.

I have previously made some soap with my coconut oil and will use that as well. It is a great base for soap and adds a bit of structure to the soap. My basic soap recipe is just coconut oil, water and lye and then I add whatever herbs or essential oils I happen to have around the house. I really like NOW Foods Lavender Oil, 2 ounce
and Calendula (Marigold) Essential Oil (Calendula Officinalis) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade – 5 ML” but my boys seem to like the eucaplytus or peppermint oils. Whatever you use it makes a great soap. Don’t be afraid of the lye horror stories, you just have to be careful and use safety procedures. It also eliminates other chemicals you might use in soaps. I was watching a show on Alaska and surviving in the wilderness where they made soap with lye. The soap I am using today has lavender because I always have lavender essential oil as well as lavender herbs in bulk.