Are you depressed?

I have a Diffuser suggestion if you are feeling depressed. Try using Bergamot and Neroli with geranium and Pettigrain essential oils. As for amounts I use about 6 drops of Bergomot, 3 of Pettigrain, 2 of geranium and 1 of Neroli. Try this combination on any of your down days and see if it doesn’t help lift your spirits. Check out the shop for some of the buys on the oils. You may be a YoungLiving or DoTerra distributor and I am sure you can buy these oils from your sites. For those of you looking for other sources, check out the shop.

I am not down or depressed today as it is beautiful in Florida even though we are expecting rain this afternoon. My grandson and granddaughter are visiting and my granddaughters request last night was “Grammy, can I use the Diffuser in my bedroom tonight? Of course, the answer was yes and she picked out peppermint and lemon for her choices. I am not sure they enhance sleeping but they are her favorite scents.

I have been going through all the boxes of old items in the garage and dredged up some silver. I am trying to clean it with vinegar and baking powder. Read somewhere that that is supposed to work so we will see.

Also I have some great Disney items over on Living in Orlando Disney is never too far from our thoughts and I found some great silicon molds for ice, bath bombs, chocolates, soap or whatever you may be using your molds for this season. Be sure you check out all the fun Disney items on the shop on that site. Also some fun crafty items.

So I hope you are having a good day but if you are depressed, bring out the Diffuser and try my combination. I’ll add more as I try them and let you know the results. Please subscribe to my websites, read my books, enjoy the recipes and comment with your results.
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