This time of the year ants seem to be prevalent in inviting themselves in for a snack. This is a recipe I found that seems to work pretty well.

1 empty water bottle
(Cut it down to about 2″ tall)
5 Tbsp of baking soda
5 Tbsp of powdered sugar
3 Tbsp of water. I use this without the water when placing it against walls or patio door.

Take a small amount of powdered sugar and mix it with an equal amount of baking soda. I have a giant bag of baking soda that I purchased from Costco. I use baking soda for so many things that buying it in bulk makes a lot of sense for me. I did not buy the powdered sugar in bulk as I don’t use much of that. You use powdered sugar for this because of the size of the grains.

Mix the two powders together and then place small amounts against the walls or other areas where you see the ants or ant hills.

The ants will be attracted to the sugar and will eat some of it and collect more to take home to feed others, so all of them will get their share.

The sugar and baking soda powders are similar in size and, once mixed together, the ants cannot separate the two items, so, as they eat the sugar, they will also ingest the baking soda, which they would otherwise never touch. This is the reason for using powdered sugar.

Once the ants eat the baking soda it will react with the formic acid in their stomachs and cause gas. The bodies of ants are unlike humans and they cannot eliminate gas so it will build up inside them and cause them to literally explode.

Thanks to whoever posted this online as it really works well. Give it a try and let me know if you have positive results as well.