Aloe..powder or real?

It is a beautiful day in Florida and my aloe are growing and multiplying. I don’t have a large yard so a very small space has five aloe plants that have taken over my small circular bed in the backyard. I re-potted all the small plants into small pots for gifts for friends. So how can you use the aloe plants. For burns, just cutting one of the large leaves and using the fluid from inside the aloe is a great remedy and it works very well with sunburn as well.

Since I have large plants, I don’t often use aloe powderbut you can purchase it from I use the aloe plants for face masks and they are very soothing. To use the plants, scoop out the soft center and put about 1 tablespoon into a bowl, add some peppermint essential oil and some water. Use enough water to make a gooey consistency and then slather it on your face or any sunburn you may want to relieve. If you decide to purchase the powder, you can use it about the same way adding about a half cup of water to a tablespoon of powder, stir and let it mix well and settle together and then add the Peppermint oil.

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