Alcohol Free Herbal Glycerites

Things have been busy around the house-hold because it is Star Wars Week-end out at Disney. The family is out viewing the parades and tonight are the fireworks which makes for a very late evening. I have been working to post lots of vintage jewelry to the Mercari site and have hardly made a dent in my mother’s old jewelry. I did want to get something stirred up though so decided to make a Glycerite.

So what do I need to do that? I need a glass jar with a cover. I went into the stock pile of herbs and filled the jar half-way up with lavender and calendula. Then I mixed organic vegetable glycerine with water. Use a 3 to one ratio for the mix. Make enough to pour over the top of the herbs. Now I am finished for the day but not for the next four to six weeks as you have to shake the mixture every day for that long.

So in about six weeks I will strain the mixture through cheesecloth and squeeze out the herbs. I will bottle it in either brown or blue bottles and be sure I label it for future use. I make this pretty much the same way I make tinctures with alcohol but have found there are many times I want something that is alcohol free. 1/2 Oz (15ml) Boston Round Glass Amber Bottles w/Glass Dropper (Pack of 10)