Shampoo for You!!

Today is definitely hair wash day. What I really need is a hair cut but just not up to getting an appointment and don’t want to cut it myself. Just plan on a nice shampoo and relaxing shower before an evening of reading and maybe some learning. I have several courses on Lynda that I need to finish. I really like that site and also Hoopla. I get a lot of books from the local library online as well. I love to read and learn and that is where I dig up all these old recipes. I also have several old notebooks from relatives that have recipes, potions and lotions. It is amazing how my mother and aunts and uncles grew up without the care of a physician except on rare occasions. They made most of the shampoos, lotions and herbal remedies at home. We have lost so much of their knowledge as well as that of our native american friends. Hopefully you will share your recipes, potions and lotions here as well. Please comment and add yourself to this website to connect with others as well.

As for what I set out to talk about..shampooing your hair. If your hair is oily, the optional vegetable oil may be left out of this recipe. If your hair is dry or damaged, include the oil.I don’t use vegetable oil, rather I use almond oil…my old standby. This shampoo is very gentle and won’t strip away natural oils. It is not difficult to make at all.

Use one half cup of water, 1/2 cup of castile soap, 1/2 tsp of vegetable oil or almond oil. A) of essential oil. I use Rosemary because I have read several articles that indicate it stimulates hair growth. I have had extremely fine hair since I was born, hence the Rosemary. Gently stir it all together but gently stir soas not to make a foamy result. Put it into a container and use as you would any shampoo.

We use Castile soap, with lavender of course, for showers and baths. It is very reasonable in terms of price and very gentle for cleansing.