Pain Oh My!!

COPPER FIT BACK Pro Waist Size 39"- 50"

I suffer from incredible back pain which limits some activities. I work very hard to overcome the pain and look for ways to ease the pain when I am walking or biking. My sons both use Tommy Copper. The oldest uses it for an ankle that he injured in a motorcycle accident. My youngest uses it on a wrist that he has injured multiple times in road bike and mountain bike accidents. He has more metal in his arm than in all of Tommy Copper but he uses the wrist compression to ease the pain.

So given that it works for them I went in search of a similar item for my back. I found one and have listed it in the shop. I should have it by the end of the week and am looking forward to opening it and writing a review. If you suffer from knee pain, ankle or wrist pain, I have also included some other items in the shop that you may find of interest.

If you have used any of the Tommy Copper products, I would love to hear your comments or reviews.

Looking forward to relief from pain soon.