Mother’s Day in Florida

Today is Mother’s Day and it is a beautiful sunny day.  I woke up feeling miserable from a cold and sore throat that I have acquired somewhere.  Perhaps from the grand kids as they both had something similar.  Very sore throat, painful ears, runny nose and just generally achy.  I think this is going around as my consulting friend in Arizona had the same thing.  It is very difficult to get over it but I am feeling better after drinking a cup of hot ginger and lemon tea.

I use local honey with my tea that I buy at the Winter Park Saturday Market.  It is incredible honey as you can get so many flavours.  Las time the grand kids and I picked out orange, regular and lavender.  This is the first time I ever tasted Lavender honey but it is great.

I plan to go out and find some slippery elm cough drops today when I work up the energy.

I also have thieves diffusing in all the diffusers in the house and that really helps with the runny nose.  I hope none of you get this miserable bug but if you do, these natural items give you some relief.  They are not a cure as a friend of mine once told me “the cure for a cold is 8 days”.  But if we can’t cure it,, at least we can feel a bit better as we work through it.  I’ve listed a few samples of Winter Park Honey and will list more in the shop.  This is really high quality and excellent flavor.