How are you using essential oils?

It is already Tuesday and I am still wondering what happened to the week-end. This morning I am reviewing some of the ways I use essential oils. I am reviewing as I am straightening out the cupboard filled with essential oils. I use small ice cube trays (silicone) to keep them straight. As I am sorting through the bottles, I am thinking, do I know what these are for? Here are a few combinations and applications for those oils just sitting in the cupboard on a Tuesday waiting for someone to bring them into the light. This morning I mixed up my “pick me up” blend which I hope will improve my focus for the day. Mix 4 drops of lemon,2 of lavender, 1 of Eucalyptus and 1 of peppermint. You can add this blend to your diffuser or potpourri. You can also make “smelling salts” by adding the mixture to about a tablespoon of rock salt. I keep that salt in a small tin that I saved and that makes it easy to carry around with me.

The other blend I am mixing up this morning is for relaxation. I could have used it last night when I couldn’t relax and was still awake at two this morning. This one is easy and also will help if you have a headache. Mix 4 drops of lavender, 2 of geranium,2 of Ylang Ylang and 1 of Frankincense. Both Young Living and DoTerra have Frankincense oils but I have found they are a bit pricey so I buy that one on Amazon. I like to use the diffuser for this one so it permeates the entire environment and helps me relax. I include some items in case you want to purchase them on Amazon and you can also search the shop for others. The diffuser I have included is one I absolutely love. I have ordered several for myself and my Indiana granddaughter and they are the ones we like the best.

The essential oil that has been diffusing for the past few days is Thieves. My son and his family were staying with me and brought a wonderful cold with them. They were all coughing and feeling pretty miserable. I now have acquired the same bug and it is located primarily in the sinus and chest areas. Not sure if it works for you but Thieves does wonders for me when I am feeling under the weather. I buy Thieves from If you decide to buy from YoungLiving but are not interested in MLM, sigh up as a member with my number 1903324 and you can buy retail. Believe me the Thieves products are well worth every penny spent with Young Living.

So I am back to sorting and will identify more combinations in future posts. Please leave a comment with combinations of essential oils that you use, herbal teas or tinctures. I think I will round out today by making a tincture since we have depleted my supply. Here comes the cauldron and blue bottles.