Glass Shower Doors

Today is the day to clean those glass shower doors. They are covered in soap scum and Windex doesn’t touch it. So I had to search the web to find something that would dissolve the soap scum and make it easier to clean the glass doors. What I found was a mixture of vinegar and Dawn soap. I mixed it in equal parts of 12 ounces each. I heated the vinegar as that was what was recommended. I mixed it together and poured it into a spray bottle. So my recipe for cleaning glass shower doors and tile walls is 12 ounces of vinegar, 12 ounces of Dawn liquid, a spray bottle and a lot of paper towels!!

I sprayed the doors and left them for about a half hour and then tryed to clean the doors. It does take the soap scum off the glass but it is very sudsy and needs to be rinsed several times. I am going to try it with a little more vinegar and a little less Dawn soap the next time I clean and see if it works better. If anyone can give me any advice on how you do this, it would be greatly appreciated.

This takes a lot of energy so I diffused Energy Blend with Peppermint and Lemon and the kitchen smells awesome. Between the essential oil and a few cups of coffee, I have the energy to continue cleaning the shower doors and the rest of the bathroom.

I am thinking of ordering some additional diffusers for the grand kids room. Young Living has some really fun ones for children. I am also going to search Amazon and other shopping sites that I frequent to see if they have some as well. I would love to find some Disney ones if anyone has any recommendations. The Young Living one that is a Dinosaur is a definite for my grandson as he is really into Dinosaurs right now. He has one at Universal Studios that he named when it was born. Hunter has one too and each time they go to Universal they check to see how their Dinosaurs are doing. It is a great program and very educational. Kelly has now decided he would like to be an archaeologist.