Cedarwood, a basic oil for your cabinet

These are some of the oils I have in the cupboard that you might want in your collection of essential oils. Cedar wood is an oil that reminds me of Minnesota and I use it a lot in the diffuser. It is really a masculine aroma and is great in soap recipes. There are many uses for cedar wood essential oil. Cedar wood essential oil is beneficial to your health and wellness. Cedar wood essential oil is anti-fungal, can be used as an astringent or antiseptic and also can work as a diuretic. It can help tighten muscles and benefits the metabolism and skin characteristics. It should not be taken internally.

So how can we benefit from Cedar wood essential oil? It is possible that it enhances hair growth and relieves the pain of toothaches. It is useful in treating fungal infections and may be used for acne as well. It is an anti-inflammatory and also can be used to repel insects. There is some research that supports improvement of focus and relieves muscle spasms. I have not used Cedar wood for sore muscles as we like Panaway or Endo-Flex for muscles and relieving the pain after working out.

Clearly, cedar wood essential oil is an oil you want to have in your medicine cabinet. Winter brings on dry skin and I sometimes use Cedarwood oil in the bath as it helps relieve dry, red, itchy patches. You could also add about five drops to your lotion to help relieve those areas of dry and itchy skin. If you have a dry scalp along with dry skin which is prevalent in the winter add a few drops of cedar wood essential oil with coconut oil and rub it into your scalp. Let it remain on the scalp anywhere from five to thirty minutes for best results. It is possible that it also enhances hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles and increasing circulation on the scalp. I use a shampoo base which I buy and add different essential oils to the shampoo base. In addition to cedar wood, I often add rosemary, thyme and lavender. These not only improve the condition of my hair but it smells awesome.

I also have arthritis thanks to many years as a gymnast and diver. If I do not have Panaway or EndoFlex essential oil, I use Cedar wood to minimize the stiffness in joints. I use an almond oil as a base and then a few drops of Cedar wood oil and rub it into the joints for relief. You can also add a few extra drops to the bath when you are really in pain from arthritis…I use up to ten drops when I am really hurting.

I really like the aroma and if you make your own deoderant (a recipe is in a past post), add Cedar wood essential oil to add a warm tone to mixtures you might use in making the deoderant recipe.

If you have a bug repellent recipe, add a few drops of Cedar Wood essential oil to you recipe as it repels several types of insects. It is one of the items you might want to pack in your camping gear first aid box or you tackle box if you are going fishing. We also pack meat tenderizer when we fish in Minnesota to relieve the bites of horse flys. You just wet the skin and apply meat tenderizer and the pain goes away. Great first aid product.

So here is my recipe for Cedar wood essential oil. I have used it in soap but wanted to try a cologne or perfume type product for the men in my family. I had several different oils so picked those that I thought would make a nice cologne and those that have aroma’s that I really like.
These were the oils that I used:

6 drops Cedar wood essential oil

4 drops Bergamot essential oil

3 drops Sandalwood essential oil

1/2 pint vodka

A glass cologne spray bottle that I purchased from Amazon. I just mixed all these oils together with the vodka. You could also use alcohol if you don’t have the vodka. The reason I had the vodka was because I have used it in tinctures for many years. I thought it would be a good carrier for the oils in making cologne.

I use Panaway and Endoflex from YoungLiving as I have found them to be very effective in relieving muscle pain after workouts. I use almond oil and rub it into the painful areas and then a few drops of either PanaWay or Endoflex. If you want to purchase those oils wholesale you will have to become a YoungLiving member. If you do, please use my number 1903324 to sign up. If you plan to buy them retail you can either buy from YoungLiving or Amazon. I purchase many of my oils on Amazon or other sites on the web and then compare them to the youngliving or doterra oils. I also like Eden’s oils and have found them to be great in the recipes I use. Hope you enjoy this recipe and comment if you have additional recipes for Cedar wood essential oil.